You Make Me Weak

You Make Me Weak Summary

Tall, dark, and tattooed, FBI agent Hudson Blackwell has come home to Crystal Lake to deal with his dying father and leave. He doesn’t believe in much, other than his brothers, his God, and his country. He likes his life simple and hates complications. So running into the-girl-he-let-get-away is one complication he can do without. Yet the flames of desire still burn hot and it’s not so easy to break ties a second time around. Makes a guy wonder…

Can a man who’s made a lifetime of leaving find a reason to stay?

Rebecca Draper is hoping a second chance at life will get her back on track. With a failed marriage behind her and a young son to support, this former beauty queen has no time for Hudson Blackwell—yet running into him stirs up things. Hot things. Wild things. The man once broke her heart, so getting involved with him would be crazy. Yet he awakens a desire and a need so intense she can’t deny it. It begs the question…

Can a woman who wants love be brave enough to take a chance on a man who could destroy her?

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You make me weak4 star

Love story on steroids! Two young lovers separated for years reconcile and work out their past. Complex people in a complex story. Well worth the read!45


Emotional Rollercoaster!5 star

I love this book! I felt interest in the many character’s that I actually kept tabs of who was who when someone was mentioned later on. I went through so many emotions during this book. I cried when Lila was talking with Becca on Christmas…. I bawled my eyes out. The book was a little predictable, but that made me happy when I got my predictions right. The sex scenes were tasteful i guess (as in not too over the top, but gave an idea). I didn’t like all the talk of danger, trouble, etc. thoughout the book. Eventhough it was talking about their love I guess, it made me nervous the weren’t gonna end up together. I was like… “this is a romance right? with all this death and sadness going on…" I loved how it wasn’t short. I read it all in two days. I really can say this is a great book…. sorry for anything I might have spoiled for you, but this is a really good read!!!!55


Good book5 star

Really enjoyed this book about young love. Easy to follow story.55


Not that bad4 star

Why can't she understand that he is an FBI agent? That's the only thing I have to say. Too needy the heroine.45


Love it5 star

I love this book. I'm glad I have it in going to read it again after I read the others in the series.55

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Pretty good! Finished in a day5 star

I would definitely suggest you to read it!55

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You Make Me Weak5 star

Love love love this book!!!!!55


Second Chance Romance3 star

It was cute but I found the female to be a little annoying and she was always changing her mind. She tried to come off as strong and independent but I thought she came off as snotty. I loved Hudson he was determined and trying to overcome his fears about relationships. All in all it was cute at times but won't go on my favorites!35

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