The IKEA ScrapsBook

The IKEA ScrapsBook Summary

A free cookbook from IKEA? Oh, scrap.

Waste is a terrible thing to waste. That’s why IKEA has created The ScrapsBook. It’s a cookbook filled with 50 exclusive recipes dedicated to cooking with the bits of food you’d usually think of as waste or compost.

Ingredients in the recipes include things like carrot tops, banana peels, wilting greens, even used tea bags. If you usually throw it in the compost, don’t—there’s probably a recipe for it in The ScrapsBook.

Featuring 50 recipes created by 10 chefs from across North America
•Trevor Bird •Christa Bruneau-Guenther •Andrea Carlson •Justin Cournoyer •Fisun Ercan •Adrian Forte •David Gunawan •Lindsay-Jean Hard •Jason Sheardown •Craig Wong

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