Murky Passions and Scandals

Murky Passions and Scandals Summary

Murky weather in store… with a chance of fatal storms.

After private investigator in training, Raina Sun witnesses a kidnapping, the victim shows up unharmed and claims nothing happened. She insists she was at a day spa the entire time.

The case grows even murkier when Raina's client, the husband of the supposed victim, is found dead at the old pumpkin patch, the site for a contentious new mall development. Raina's new boss seems more worried about collecting their fee than seeking justice for the deceased.
To make matters worse, her sister plans a getaway weekend in Lake Tahoe to revive her marriage, landing Raina with a tornado of a three-year-old. As if that’s not enough, her grandma is jealous of the time Raina spends with her new fiancé.
A kidnapping, a dead client, and a energetic preschooler--Raina's weekend goes from bad to worse. Can Raina see her way clear to the end, or will a storm come crashing down when the murderer realizes she's hot on the trail?

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Book Reviews

Mama Munchie

Fun!5 star

I really enjoy the characters in these stories- they’re people Id like to know.55


Loved the book5 star

Always can count on Anne Tan for a relaxing read.55


Raina is now a PI5 star

The Raina Sun mystery novels are an excellent series highlighting her trials and tribulations with jobs, phones, jobs and life in general, and trying to keep her wily grandmother and elderly friends out of trouble and out of danger! Murders do get solved along the way! Be prepared for laughs and eye rolls, as well as moments of revelation and danger!55

math wizard

Changes5 star

An very interesting but excellent book! I enjoyed reading this well written book and learning more about Raina’s family. Po Po is such an interesting character. She is full of surprises and very humorous. Matthew is away for most of the story but his engagement with Raina is different. To say too much would ruin the story. Read this book and learn about Raina’s career changes and family. The posse makes and interesting facet to the story. I do recommend this book and hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I look forward to the next book in the series!55


Another winner5 star

I love this series! Every book is so fun. I sometimes forget who the culprit is and love rereading.55


Pumpkin Shooters and Hijinks5 star

I have been reading Anne's books for a while now. I love how amateur sleuth Raina Sun gets herself into funny situations trying to solve murders. This book in the series did not disappoint. Raina is now trying to get her PI license and her fiancé Matthew, the police detective is supportive of this decision. While investigating a possible cheating wife, Raina's client is found dead. Raina's boss does not want to get in the middle of the investigation, but Raina feels there is more to meets the eye. With Matthew away at conferences, Raina enlists her grandmother, Po Po and her geriatric posse, to get the bottom of the mystery. Every step of the way, Raina finds unexpected challenges both with the investigation and with her grandmother's involvement. These situations are what I love - the relationship between Raina and Po Po is a big part of this. Not just an ordinary Grandma, Po Po makes sure to be packing a pumpkin launcher, even during her Halloween dance routine. Add an unexpected visit from her 3 year old niece, Raina is in for more fun and distractions than true detective work. The humor mostly clouds the investigation and adds to the serious situations, but in the end, Raina always solves the mystery. This book had many suspects and in depth developments for each as well as little side stories that effect Raina's investigation. As always, Anne not disappoint with Raina and Po Po and their hijinks. Can't wait for the next in the series. (less)55


Great read5 star

For me personally, I need to feel connected to the characters in the books I read to enjoy them to the fullest. I've loved this series since the first book, Raining Men and Corpses. Raina, homicide detective Matthew Louie (Raina's fiancé), and Po Po, continue to evolve and grow as characters in this series. Raina's grandmother Po Po is a real firecracker, sort of a Chinese Auntie Mame. Detective Sokol and officer Joanna Hopper round out the primary, ongoing characters. Though these books don't need to be read in order, I recommend the whole series, without reservation. Full Disclosure - though I was fortunate to be chosen to receive a free review copy, I had already preordered Murky Passions on iBooks the day it was announced (so I have paid for my copy), that's how much I enjoy this series.55

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