Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge Summary

<b>What would you do if you were medically unable to gain weight? Eat chocolate and solve murders, of course . . . </b><br>
When a car accident leads to extensive plastic surgery and an inability to gain weight, Cocoa Narel finds herself transformed from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. <br>
No longer forced to temper her love for chocolate, Cocoa plans to open a candy store and begins to enjoy the sweet life along with her quirky rescue cat. But when her high school bullies start being murdered one by one, Cocoa becomes the prime suspect. <br>
Can she clear her name, or does the true culprit have a few Twix up their sleeve?<br>
<b>Book 1 in the <i>Cocoa Narel Chocolate Shop Mysteries</i> by USA Today Bestselling author, Morgana Best</b>.<br>

Book Reviews


This book sends the wrong message!1 star

First of all, our heroine apparently had stomach staples after an accident, although I find that unlikely. She was told by her surgeon she can’t gain weight after it, which is not true if you eat unlimited amounts of chocolate as she does-constantly and in great quantity and not much else. It really irritates me this book sends the wrong message to people who have struggled to lose weight and had gastric bypass surgery. I will not be reading other books in this series or by this author. Too bad, because the plot was decent and the murderer a surprise.15

IN LOVE with One Direction! 

Good book5 star

i like it55


What can I say...2 star

it was free so I can't be mad for wasting money on it.25

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