The Case of the Waffling Warrants

The Case of the Waffling Warrants Summary

What's more satisfying than waffles and maple syrup? Murder…

For ex-spy Charlotte Mission, life in the cozy town of Gossip, Texas, is anything but boring. With a retired spy grandmother for company, an inn to clean, kittens around every corner, and guests to keep happy, she's living a perfectly normal life.

But Charlotte has a secret.

She's Gossip's first and only 'fixer.'

With her particular set of skills, and a secret armory at her disposal, Charlie's the person folks around town come to when they're in deep, seemingly irreversible trouble. And after the owner of the local bakery is slapped in cuffs on trumped-up charges, she's on the job.

Everything's going to plan until Charlie's client is found murdered in her cell. And with a new detective in town who's not afraid to make arrests on a whim, she's got her work cut out for her.

Can she solve the Case of the Waffling Warrants before she winds up in jail? Find out in the first in a brand-new cozy mystery series by bestselling author, Rosie A. Point. Grab your copy now!

Book Reviews

Lon Chaney Jr

Spy family!4 star

This is the first book I’ve read & I felt like I was missing information. I did like the characters Charlie & her grandmother. I need to start at the beginning.45


Who dun it?5 star

Charlie gets a mysterious phone call that was cut short. No details. Intrigued she is! Charlie uses her sleuthing skills to single out her friends. With the help of her Gamma the case gets solved and Charlie meets her match in the town detective.55

K.C. Shells

Fun little mystery.5 star

Cute take on small town intricacies inside a mystery.55


Good strong women4 star

Interesting and improbable but fun read45


The case of the waffling warrants4 star

Good story. Like the plot and the way it turned out.45


A Fun Start!4 star

This is the first in a new series, but it is also a continuation of The Mission Inn-Possible series. I have not read the previous series, and in no way did I feel lost or confused. There are no spoilers for the previous series, but rather just enough info to pique your interest. Charlie and her grandmother are both ex-spies and I wasn't sure how well this would mesh with the light-hearted, cozy feel that Rosie A. Point is known for. The spy elements are minimal, sprinkled in enough to add some fun scenes and humorous interactions. Any type of comparison to Jana DeLeon or Janet Evanovich isn't really accurate here. This story falls firmly in the cozy and light category, whereas those authors tend to be more of a hybrid of mystery and other genres. Overall, the spy elements were fun and didn't take away from the cozy tropes readers love. This is a fun start to a new series and the perfect place to jump in for fans wanting to discover a new cozy author worth following. I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.45

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