The Great Catsby

The Great Catsby Summary

Watch what you wish for… Some inheritances are literally death.

My life has been turned upside down by my inheritance, but my only complaint is the cat that came along with the new house.

I swear he's judging me as I settle in and try to make new friends in my new small-town Louisiana neighborhood.

And just when I start to settle into my new job and get back to reading my classic novels, I'm pulled chapters deep into a mystery.

The Beauty Queen in the town has been offed. Someone has killed the darling.

Wouldn't you know it? An innocent man has been framed.

I shouldn't get involved, but somehow, my cat seems to have a way with finding clues in some of my favorite stories. Not that any of that makes sense.

Why would it?

The cat is the sleuth, I'm the amateur, and we have alligators in the backyard.

Throw in a dead body, a book club that's filled with suspicious characters, and you have my new life.

And I thought being a librarian in Louisiana was going to be dull.

Book Reviews


Good read5 star

Really good read I enjoyed every minute of it and the Chonks has some of the best parts. Kinda cheesy but in a cute way, it’s lighthearted enough to be enjoyable but still a murder mystery that had me wondering who is was the whole time!55

_Bella M._

Amazing book!5 star

This book really kept me on my toes! It was amazing to see that even Chonks the cat played a role in this, and a big one too 🤣. I’m so glad that Chonks saved Jade’s life!55

Norris' sister

The Great Catsby5 star

This was such a fun read. A little humor, a little mystery, and a great cat named Chonk. I’ll be readin the next book in the series.55

Clean romancer

The great catsby4 star

Fun. Not hokey like some other cat books. Really enjoyed reading this book.45


The Great Catsby5 star

Great book from start to finish. Keeps you glued to the page with bated breath.55


Good book4 star

Although the reason for the murder was dumb the book was still good. She wasn’t a very strong person but she got the job done.45

anonomous Reader

Awesome!5 star

I love the different point of views! Sheer genius 🐱55


Easy read, good murder mystery, and love Chonks!4 star

Interesting characters and love the perspective of Chonks, the cat. The murderers motive was a little iffy, but I won’t nit pick about that. My only issue is that the doctor took the heroine’s blood pressure putting a stethoscope on her wrist. After 50 years as a nurse, I can tell you that’s not how you take a blood pressure!45


Really fun5 star

Choose for a school essay. Lots of fun.55

Grandma Fox 85

The great catsby5 star

This book is amazing and the author is truly blessed with words. Just the opposite of my usual reading. Can’t wait for the next episode. Ole grandma55

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