I Like Your Shoes

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Crazy things are about to happen to 12-year old Frankie Jackson after she signs on to compete in a reality TV show. Not only does she have to win a televised pitching competition, but she also has to figure out who burned down an abandoned houseboat and how come a 15-year old con artist wants to become her BFF. And weirdest of all – why is she getting phone calls from someone claiming to be the "real" Frankie Jackson?  I Like Your Shoes, the third book in the Frankie Jackson mystery series, takes place on the Sausalito houseboat docks.
"{T}he book features believable, amusingly insightful narration by its 12-year-old star, and it balances its drama—including youth in dangerous situations—perfectly between having a bite and being appropriate for young readers … a worthwhile children’s mystery for kids and tweens." -- Kirkus Review

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Best one5 star

The books just keep getting better and better.55


Greatest book ever5 star

I liked how exciting everything was and how many plot twists it had this is a very good book. I liked how they included a part where Flip says they weren’t doing anything for him and he was doing for them just like Frankie said in “I didn’t kill your cat”. (From first book)55


i like your shoes1 star

this book is bad. its boring and nothing exciting happened15


No1 star

I hate it so bad it... no15


Great5 star

Such a good book. I wish I’d have never read it to read it again.55

Not 4 Children

I Didn’t Kill Your Cat series5 star

Fantastic fun read 🤩 My daughter got the 1st book & I got the rest! Sad that there are just 3 books in this series... so far?!?55


You should read this5 star

This book had me wanting to read it more and more. But you have to read the first two books to understand what’s going on. Hope you enjoy the book as much as I did!55


I didn't kill your cat5 star

Loved this book and really the whole series! My daughter and read together and boy it was pure magic! I wish there was another book in these series to read with her. Read the first one and you will feel the same.55


Pretty good5 star

I really liked this book. Charming to the last.55


B-B-E!5 star

Best Book Ever!! I love this series so so much. I read the first installment in 5th grade and the second one soon after...it was only yesterday I realized there was a third. It's been a few years and I still feel at home on Dickery Dock. PLEASE WRITE MORE!!!!!55

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