Data Analytics. Fast Overview.

Data Analytics. Fast Overview. Summary

You want to learn Data Analytics FAST but you don’t know where to start? And you don’t have any previous experience?
This book is an overview for anyone interested in learning about data analytics.

This book covers all aspects of Big Data Analytics in a nutshell. It will give you all the basics, the techniques for data analysis, some algorithms, and a lot more. If you just want to get a very basic idea of data science, then this book is definitely for you. It is an ideal book for people in business who want to better understand the power, capability and value of data analytics and how to access gold mine. It would also serve well as a textbook for students in the field of information technology or business administration.

You Will Discover:

-Data Visualization
-Decision Trees
-Data Warehousing
-Business Intelligence Concepts
-And Much, Much More...

You want to learn the basics of Data Analytics in the shortest possible amount of time?
You better grab this book and start reading​ it up!

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