Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary

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This second volume of the revised unabridged dictionary, published in 1913, begins with the entry Attractivity and ends with Cable.

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phuk awf

Useless1 star

Why can't a $2.5 trillion company have minimum standards for books as it does apps? A bigger question: why can't the world's most profitable computer and media company offer a usable, comprehensive dictionary? Does it not want its 1.8 billion users to be informed and intelligent? Really, Apple, I'm asking. Why can't Apple spend a fraction of a year and under $100,000 to offer an Epub format comprehensive, legible, useful dictionary? Tim Cook, are you listening? Has Tim Cook or any employee at Apple ever thought to want to peruse columns of dictionary terms and definitions on their several thousand dollar phones, computers, and devices? Does Apple marketing team think that maybe one of the many 20 million college students might?15

Mahatma Gangia

Websters unabridged (unusable) Dictionary1 star

This is the least usable dictionary I’ve ever seen. There are no page headings, searched for words are not In BOLD print or easy to find. Page after page of paragraphs running on and on.15

kitten drover.

Ease of use1 star

Can’t find the table of contents leading to a particular alphabet letter. This book is worthless for use. E. G. Where does one find the beginning of a list for the letter d or the letter y or any other letter? This dictionary format is unusable!15

Miles Wasil

Error filled1 star

This dictionary is to the brim filled with errors! There are many strange characters in places they should not be. If you are thinking of getting this for some odd reason, do not. Just use something off of the Internet or buy one at a store.15


Totally unusable!1 star

Only went to early contents of letter C15

Waited 2 Long 2018

Awful layout1 star


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