30 Day Teen Workout Plan

30 Day Teen Workout Plan Summary

Expertly created and super easy to follow, our 30 Day Teen Workout Plan will dispel some long-held myths, provide you with an excellent collection of home workout routines, and recommend some meals and snack ideas to set you on the path to success. Whether you're completely clueless or a freak for all things fitness, our butt-kicking program caters to all abilities and objectives. Ready to embark on your voyage to fitness success? Well, let's get started!

What's Included
• 30-day teen workout plan (33 pages)
• Full body workouts
• Daily workouts
• Ab workouts
• Butt workouts
• Arm workouts
• Shoulder workouts
• Chest workouts
• Back workouts
• Exercise images
Plus loads more!

What You'll Learn
• Why you should look after your health
• Protein, carbs & fats
• Nutritional advice
• How exercise helps
• Healthy myths debunked
• Portion control
• Best exercises for home

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