7 Day Ab Workout Plan

7 Day Ab Workout Plan Summary

A rock-solid core brings with it so many benefits – improved posture, reduced back pain, better flexibility, a tighter tummy, better exercise form and so much more. And because we realise just how important it is to strengthen your midsection, we have a treat for you!

Fit Affinity's 7 Day Ab Workout Plan is an intense plan designed specifically to target your tummy from top to bottom. Comprising six workouts, which have been explained and illustrated to ensure correct form and technique, this plan suits anyone of any ability. And since it is designed to hit you hard over just 7 days, it is both intense and incredibly effective. "No pain, no gain" certainly comes to mind…

Each day, you'll perform one of six workouts, with the option of doubling up on any that you enjoy. With your hard work and commitment, we guarantee that you'll see noticeable results, fast!

What's Included
• 7-day ab workout plan (14 pages)
• Ab workouts
• Exercise index for correct form
• Exercise images
Plus more!

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