Be Your Own Weight Loss Coach: The Workbook

Be Your Own Weight Loss Coach: The Workbook Summary

This workbook is meant to be a companion to my book, Be Your Own Weight Loss Coach as all the exercises that you will find in this workbook are from there, with a few extras as added bonuses.

So this workbook is strictly those exercises only. Although it is a companion book, you can absolutely use the exercises on their own without it, however I do recommend reading Be Your Own Weight Loss Coach first as the exercises in this workbook will make much more sense.

All the exercises in this workbook are in the same order as found in Be Your Own Weight Loss Coach, so you can refer back and forth between the two books.


Gregory Groves is a noted and respected Weight Loss Transformation Expert - fitness trainer, life purpose coach, award-winning author and entrepreneur.

Using the tried and trusted SMART (Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic, Time-Related) system for defining objectives, 'Be Your Own Weight Loss Coach: The Workbook' will lift the lid on how to achieve significant weight loss by tackling problems from the 'inside out'.

Gregory draws upon his expertise as a life purpose coach in the book, helping readers address the mental side of their weight loss struggle. He also brings his own positive weight loss experiences into play: the author lost 98.5 pounds on his weight loss program, so he is able to relate to readers on a level that most trainers and coaches are not.

In helping readers break through the barriers of failure that often bar the way to successful completion of weight loss programs, Gregory holds the key to a combination of personal training techniques and life coaching elements that make 'Be Your Own Weight Loss Coach' one of the most convincing fitness tomes of the year. Readers are left equipped with the tools that can make a difference when it comes to both setting, and working towards specific weight loss goals.

Starting with a mission to increase awareness of 'stressors' and define expectations, Gregory describes eloquently how desires and motivation can be found within. The book then takes a practical turn, covering accountability and how to choose relevant goals, while delving into the subject of negative habits and patterns. There are many mistakes and myths, which readers may have heard in previous self proclaimed 'fitness bibles' that 'Be Your Own Weight Loss Coach' does away with, including those related to time management.

'Be Your Own Weight Loss Coach: The Workbook' does not forget to provide usable tips for readers to put into action, including a 'Calories per Day Calculator.'

Author Gregory Groves said: "This book, along with Be Your Own Weight Loss Coach, 5 Steps on Setting “SMART Goals” helps to motivate you from the inside-out, by dealing with the internal issues that most other books and programs do not. This is not just another typical exercise book based on yet another new exercise program that promises more of the same. This is more about finding your internal motivational triggers, so you will actually start to enjoy all forms of physical activity."

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