Eat So What! Smart Ways to Stay Healthy Volume 1

Eat So What! Smart Ways to Stay Healthy Volume 1 Summary

What to eat, what not to eat! still confused? Clear your confusion with Eat So What! The book includes a bundle of 5 chapters, which will make your life healthy and happy—a complete nutritional food guide for a disease-free healthy life for vegetarians. You can prevent most of the diseases with nutritional foods and a healthy lifestyle. The health secrets that no one tells you will reveal in the book Eat So What! Smart Ways to Stay Healthy.

The following topics are discussed in detail:
✓ Why you should never give up carbohydrates.
✓ Why fat is not the enemy. The truth about fats!
✓ How to boost skin health.
✓ Fiber-rich foods for better digestion.
✓ Smart ways to lose weight without dieting.

Book explains the nutrients value of food, gives direction on what to eat, and gives smart tricks and tips to make life healthier. It also tells how you can eat everything provided you follow some simple rules.

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