Logic Pro Beat Production Tips 1

Logic Pro Beat Production Tips 1 Summary

Welcome to The MPVHub FREE Tips series! In this ebook, industry pro authors from macProVideo.com share their tricks on creating and producing beats in Apple’s flagship DAW, Logic Pro. We’ve carefully selected these 5 articles straight from our premium resource for software tips n’ tricks on the net: The MPVHub.

Each chapter is a self-contained How-to article that enables you to add novel tricks to your productions. You’ll find tips to help you add more low end to your kick, give your hi-hats some bounce, make dynamic stereo hits, create kicks using Logic’s ES1 instrument, and even add sub bass to your drum mix (or the entire track!)

The authors featured in this book:
Mike Watkinson
Gary Hiebner
Mo Volans
Darren Burgos

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