The Very Hungry Caterpillar Library Books 1.1

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Library Books 1.1 Summary

This is the series of The Very Hungry Caterpillar Little Learning Library Books. This book with Audio has been created as a university project for my last year. I have created lyrics and music to go along with the original pictures out of the learning library books. I wanted to create this book with audio as I thought it would benefit children’s learning and interest in reading. Anyone is welcome to read and have a listen to the music.THIS IS JUST A UNIVERSITY PROJECT AND THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL HUNGRY CATERPILLAR LITTLE LEARNING LIBRARY BOOKS.

Book Reviews

Amy the fire fox

No2 star

My kids didn’t like it I tried to show it to them but it didn’t work so I don’t really like the book though I enjoyed reading it even though my kids do not25


Good children book5 star

I like it55


My favorite5 star

This book was my favorite as a child and to see it hear as a free book and with audio is awesome because now I get to play it for my 2 year old son, who loves it. He normally can’t focus on a book when I’m reading, but he actually stayed still and quiet and was very interested and attentive!55

little boyyyy

Little hungry Caterpillar5 star

This a good book for kids its cute and perfect for little boys ones!!!😃55


Unnecessary word bubbles1 star

You added little word bubbles with sentences that was unnecessary15


Beautiful5 star

My son and I enjoyed this today.55


Lovin’ it!5 star

Eric Carle was so classic with it and my class saw the claymation and it was funny55

Solara Mercado

The hungry caterpillar1 star

I didn’t like this book because I’m 8 years old and I’m not a baby I know numbers I know animals I know everything! Try to make another book. I don’t like this one!15

viewy reviewer

Cerrito fam4 star

I agree this one is good but not as good as the original book45

Cerrito fam

Hungry caterpillar3 star

I liked is book. It was fun to read but I thought it was going to be like the hungry caterpillar book that I read went I was little.35

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