An Introduction to Economics

An Introduction to Economics Summary

“An Introduction to Economics,”  is a useful source for Economic majors at Wayne State University which can guide one through the fundamental methods of economic principles. The E-book covers materials from Gross Domestic Product to Fiscal and Monetary Policies. It will cover an early introduction to both Macroeconomic and Microeconomic concepts.

Book Reviews


Good for what it’s worth.4 star

The book is 31 pages. It provides a very stripped down explanation of some key aspects of economics. It’s free and it took me 30 minutes to read. No matter your level of understanding on the topic, it’s probably worth the 30 minutes. I subtracted a star largely because it didn’t seem to have been proofread and I don’t like that.45


Do Not Purchase This Book1 star

One of the worst formatted, worst written, biggest rip-off I have yet come across in Apple Books.15

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