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Business Analytics Summary

What is business analytics, where is it heading and what is the impact on every aspect of our daily lives?
In this book published by SAS, experts and customers share their opinion and advice about business analytics.
The first part describes how business analytics is different from business intelligence, how organizations can use High-Performance Analytics to deal with big data, what business analytics can do for an organization and how to get started.
The second part shows where and how analytics impact us all.  Real cases demonstrate how Business analytics can be applied and what benefits it delivers in different industry sectors. From opening up data, detecting and preventing fraud, putting the customer first, improving services and decreasing costs, to taking research to new heights and unlocking the secrets of social media. We hope this book will inspire you to find new growth opportunities in your organization. With business analytics.
Customer stories described are Colruyt, FPS Finance, FPS Public Health, HSBC, Imec, Mobistar, Sanoma and Whirlpool. External opinions and advice come from Accenture, Vincent Van Quickenborne, InSites Consulting’s Steven Van Belleghem and John Lovett, industry analyst and expert consultant in analytics.

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