The Economic Consequences of the Peace

The Economic Consequences of the Peace Summary

The book was critical in establishing a general worldwide opinion that the Versailles Treaty was a brutal and unfair peace towards Germany. It helped to consolidate American public opinion against the treaty and involvement in the League of Nations. The perception by much of the British public that Germany had been treated unfairly in turn was a crucial factor in public support for appeasement.

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Keynes2 star

Government is at fiction where it can spend money to stimulate the economy. Any real Data that compares government spending as a fraction of the economy and Real GDP Per Capita growth will show that increasing government spending has a negative effect. Government spending creates no wealth. Government can only move it around.25


Keynes = recessions1 star

War has only been linked to prosperity because the price of death is high. USA sells weapons to both sides so the USA makes money, what about the devastation to the local economies impacted by the wars? People need to look at the whole picture. Simply put, instead of making bombs we could be making homes, feeding people, or making spaceships. Instead we kill each other for greed. Remember, there is only one winner in war.15


Great book5 star

Keynes was a genius who put forth fundamentals of economic theory and was a visionary who saw further than anyone of his time. Despite what certain readers may think, this book is NOT about war being "good" but rather the crippling effects of reparations on Germany, and consequently, the world.55


Your an idiot5 star

Don't listen to the idiot that thinks peace is good war drives the world economy this book is great if you have a mind that can comprehend economics55


Keynes is a fool.1 star

The mere idea that peace can harm an economy should be laughed at by anyone who proposes it, but Keynes is the same buffoon who put forth the BROKEN WINDOW THEORY. The fact that so many people within academia idolize this man is beyond scary.15

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