ABC's of the Universe

ABC's of the Universe Summary

A is for Apple?  B is for Banana?  

Not in this Universe.  Follow the Professor from the tiniest quark to the largest galaxy in the Universe.  

Told over 32 double-spread pages, you'll see the alphabet in a whole new way.

This read-along book features 3d character renders and brilliant photographs from the cutting edge of science.  

And if you want to explore the concepts in the Universe, you can download "The ABC's of The Universe - Even Smarter Edition."

Go beyond infinity with the Professor.

Book Reviews


Poorly executed2 star

The idea is good and I do like the pictures used despite the creepy looking Einstein 3D model, but the content itself is poorly executed. More research should be done into the science that this book is trying to teach children. The author also tries to make an attempt at rhyming, but it is poorly written. Personally, I won't be reading this book to my son.25


We are 5 and 6 year old4 star

We loved the book. We like science stuff too45


Great Book!5 star

I love everything about this book, the subject matter, the illustrations and the narration. It is educational, aesthetically pleasing and entertaining.55


Five Stars!5 star

Thanks Steve for a new twist on learning. Cute and can't wait to share it with my nephew!55

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