An App Changed Shion’s Life

An App Changed Shion’s Life Summary

Once there was a student called Shion with severe disabilities. Her parents, classmates, and teachers didn’t understand what she wanted or needed. She gave up smiling because no one understood her. As a result, she was absent from school for many days. 

Mr. Uchida, her teacher, wanted to change her situation. He wanted to make her life better. He did some research and found an interesting article about the connection between a person’s heart rate and emotion. With the help of a professor and a student from his university, an app was created to record video while monitoring a person’s heart rate during communication. This shows the correlation between what a person is hearing and how they are feeling. 

This book will tell the amazing story behind what Mr. Uchida and his friends did to support this student, including how the app was designed and more importantly how the app helped the student. 

If you are unable to download the iBook, please access it from here.

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