Chinese Volume 1 - Survival Phrases (Enhanced Version)

Chinese Volume 1 - Survival Phrases (Enhanced Version) Summary

Learn Chinese easily and quickly with Survival Phrases Chinese! 

Lessons 1-3 of 60 total.

Are you traveling to China soon?

Do you have Chinese friends or a partner?

Do you work in a Chinese company?

Then learn Chinese with this quick and easy lesson series that won't take away time from your busy schedule!
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Book Reviews


Thorough Read5 star

This book conveys a great yet simple way of learning the basic of showing gratitude. It comes as a read as well as audio. Short and thorough. Enjoyed and will recommend this to anyone interested in learning Mandarin Language.55

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Thank you5 star

Hi I have been learning Mandarin Chinese since pre-school right now I’m in fifth grade this helped my brother catch up the basics are accrete and precise thanks again Sincerely, Acacia55


Learn Chinese - PhrasePower, v1.11 star

MAYBE THIS WAS OKAY WHEN IT WAS FREE. Only 3 lessons. Seems like a project that never finished. There should be 60 lesson for the price. Not recommended.15


Audio2 star

The book was good but the audio didn't work so I'd didn't really know how to pronounce most of it25


The best there is !5 star

This innovative learning for Chinese has helped me so much ! In little time I am able to use my Chinese with my friends and family like a pro 谢谢!!which means thank you '55


Great book!4 star

It took me forever to learn Chinese but then I found this book and I could communicate with my friend who is Chinese Thanks!45

Atomic Biotic

Amazing5 star

An amazing learning experience. A Very Creative design. What a great Developer! Woooohooo!55


Accurate4 star

I spent some time living in Shanghai, and the lessons I read in this book surely brought back memories. For the free version, there is minimal content, but hits the nail on the head when it comes to accuracy. Very practical, especially if you don't have any prior knowledge of the language and you want to make a good impression when traveling to China.45


Learn chines is simple with book5 star

I could not believe it that Chinese language is so simple! With this book and audio system made it very simple and very interesting that you can understand, prounance, and even speak as you have been in china for long time. I highly recommend this book for this traveling to china or need to learn the language. I hop the author add more and more to this book soon.... Mahmood55


Where are lessons 4+?4 star

Awesome book with huge potential. Please bring out the extra chapters.45

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