Go Further with iPad

Go Further with iPad Summary

The personal mobile devices we see in the hands of our students are powerful tools for teaching and learning.  Yet despite the potential for iPads to transform learning, in many connected classrooms the technology isn’t necessarily fully utilized.  
Why not?
As Apple Distinguished Educators, this is a question we ask ourselves, and each other, frequently.  In response we’ve decided to collaborate on this collection of ideas from our classrooms. 
While we may not have all the answers, we know that we can often support teachers to think ‘outside the box and beyond’ with iPads in their own contexts by sharing examples from our own practices and pedagogical approaches.  
We developed this book to provide educators with an opportunity to jump into classrooms across the globe, and in doing so, to consider what learning looks like when technology supports students to 
get messy 
get outside
get collaborative...etc. 
Throughout this publication, you’ll find lesson seeds, apps and inspiration - this is not a ‘how to’ guide, because we know that no two classrooms are alike, but there are some really useful links to resources and support to get started!

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