Swift Playgrounds: Learn to Code 1 & 2

Swift Playgrounds: Learn to Code 1 & 2 Summary

This Teacher Guide is designed to help you bring Swift Playgrounds into the classroom, no matter what your level of experience with coding is. It includes activities, reflection questions, journal prompts, and more to help you bring coding into any classroom.

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trouble with floods

S2 star

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BEWARE: lesson solutions may be misnumbered4 star

For example, the solutions to the coding challenges in Lesson 5 actually appear in Lesson 4 in this Teacher Guide.45


[email protected]5 star

I wonder how l am going to code55


Who really knows2 star

So what is coding?25


بظيفط5 star



Awesome app one error found, though5 star

This app is so much fun! It is a great way to learn all the basic swift programming concepts. I hope my school creates a course using it and the iTunes U course that goes with it. In the two experts section, the purple/pink platform needs to be raised 1 more than it should.55


Awesome!5 star

fantastic resource for teachers! Thank you Apple55

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