The Fifty Nifty States

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You will find this book to be a great tool for third graders to look up some quick facts about any of the fifty states along with their capital and abbreviation.

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Here me out...3 star

This is the type of book for kids learning about the states. It gives you the state, it’s capital and 2 facts about the state. It also has a colored picture of the state along with the song “fifty nifty United States” which by the way when you have this song stuck inside your head, You’re welcome. Moving along next with the three star rating. I came across this book thinking it was a mini encyclopedia about the states. Had I been a sixth grader...maybe a fifth grader, I would have given it a 5 star. So parents, take advantage of gloomy weather, stuck in a pandemic day. spend time with your children, and download this book.35


Lil nas x5 star

I help me get my daughter to fifth grade.55

Ava Prempeh

Fifty Nifty United States4 star

This book is great! It's very educational.45

Avery duhon

The 50 statse5 star

This is a very good book becuse it tells You about the 50 states I would recommend this book to people that do not know about some states55

He he hardy har snort

Don't read this book1 star

This book is boring and it has the most stupid and anoying song EVER. I do not at all recommend this book. Do NOT I repeat NOT get this book. I am not kidding.15

Fifty states

The Fifty Nifty States1 star

The same facts are included in different states. The spelling is not correct a lot of the time and some of them forgot to capitalize the sentence. The facts are sometimes not true. Yours truly, 3rd grade student15

The fifty nifty states

The fifty nifty states5 star

Madison's population is 495'782. West Virginias animal is the black bear. New Hampshire fruit is the pumpkin. Kentucky state fish is the Kentucky bass Georgia's state insect is the honeybee. Alaska sate mineral is gold. Maine state animal is the moose. Hawaii's state bird is the nene. Wyoming state mammal is the bison. Missuori's state bird is the blue bird. The biggest city in Illinois is Chicago. Indiana state flower is the peony. The largest city in Louisiana is new Orleans55

Walk dead

States and country's5 star

This book is really good and the kids that made this did a really good job on this book. I also like how you added a little picture of it and put a little fact about it.😃😃😃good job!55

Anthony Cacciato

Yay3 star

I wrote part of the book!35


Books5 star

Good books are tells the dog the three cats and cows And Pigs me Ryder Hunter moms dads and Indana Jones55

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