Electrical Systems - An Introduction for Non-Electrical Students

Electrical Systems - An Introduction for Non-Electrical Students Summary

One of the challenges of teaching Electrical Systems to non-electrical students (e.g. mechanical engineering, aeronautics, astronautics, and ship science students) has been the breadth of the module, which encompasses many topics that are normally covered by several modules in an electrical engineering degree.  This relatively short book presents the essential fundamentals in a concise yet rigorous manner, introducing case studies from non-electrical engineering disciplines, and cross-linking the material to other subjects (e.g. electrical and mechanical system analogies, fluids pipe flow networks, heat transfer thermal networks, instrumentation and control).

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Crap1 star

Cannot download this book.15


Eboy3 star

Great start but needs to provide basic electrical concepts before heading to college level math. I am a high school student looking into electrical engineering and although the explanations are readable the math portion I cannot understand. Thanks for the free book will keep posted for new materials35

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