Episode 1: No Good Deed

Episode 1: No Good Deed Summary

Eden - Requiem For Eden: Season 1: Episode 1: No Good Deed.

...Lucid’s invasion has been driven back to the Dark Continent and his attempt to take over The Other Place thwarted, so Eden should be the tranquil haven it was meant to be. If only…

Like the flap of a butterfly’s wing, the storm that threatens to engulf Eden is started by a single, apparently insignificant act.

The icy blast is too much for the old stork delivering her bundles to their new homes. She changes the schedule and delivers them to a Guardian Knight in Trinity. Nobody will ever know.

And now the dark clouds are gathering in the far north, and the Archangel Michael and Magnus Caseus, the Leader of the Senate, watch the Games that mark the graduation of Trinity’s Knight School in the desperate hope they will find a hero to lead their army against the coming hordes.

They need a miracle, but since magic was outlawed by the Senate, miracles have been in short supply.

They think they have found Woe and his sister, Anella — the cuckoos the stork mis-delivered — to fill the hero vacancy. But they have no idea just what they have found.

And the Norsemen are coming.

Quick Review
...“This was such a great read! Witty and light hearted but still full of meaning. Sir Terry would be proud.”

A note from Call to Action Publishing:
No one can match the great Terry Pratchett stories, but Eden was inspired by his Discworld novels. Requiem for Eden is an adventure in 10 1-hour episodes. Each one a complete story with a beginning, middle and end - and a cliff-hanger, in the true tradition of the Matinee genre.

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