Forbidden Quest, 2nd Edition

Forbidden Quest, 2nd Edition Summary

Virtual reality games were child's play compared to this wizard and warrior vacation adventure!
Dr. Strong was offering a hands-on opportunity to suddenly have the battle skills of a seasoned warrior.
The lack of mortal risk was also a big draw, especially when it came to swordplay. This could be the ultimate role-play adventure to those daring enough to commit to total immersion in the game...

Four friends—two in love, two in hate—enter into a role-playing experiment attempting to introduce realistic fantasy adventures to small groups. Expecting a video game-type of adventure a the fantasy character of their choice, they travel to a new world of magic and monsters to rescue an Elf Queen from a crystalline prison.

Yet, as soon as they fall under the hypnotist's spell, everything goes wrong. The adventure becomes more realistic than they ever could have imagined. So realistic, they struggle to choose between what is real and what is imagined...

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