Frostborn: The Gray Knight (Frostborn #1)

Frostborn: The Gray Knight (Frostborn #1) Summary

From the author of DEMONSOULED and THE GHOSTS, here is a new epic fantasy of high adventure, heroism, and daring deeds.

A thousand years ago, the last grandson of Arthur Pendragon led the survivors of Britain through a magical gate to a new world, a world of magic and high elves, of orcs and kobolds and stranger, darker creatures. Now the descendants of the exiles rule a mighty kingdom, peaceful and prosperous under the rule of the High King.

But a shadow threatens to devour the kingdom.

RIDMARK ARBAN was once a Swordbearer, a knight of renown. Now he is a branded outcast, stripped of his sword, and despised as a traitor.

But he alone sees the danger to come.

CALLIANDE awakens in the darkness, her memories gone, and creatures of terrible power hunting her.

For she alone holds the secret that can save the world…or destroy it utterly.

The secret of the Frostborn.

Book Reviews

Lil Sgt Mac

Frostborn: The Gray Knight5 star

Outstanding book; kept me riveted the entire time55


A good tale4 star

A good story with surprising allies. A bit more editing is needed to make it a better read.45


Frost born:The Gray Knight4 star

Very enjoyable read!45


Frost born, the grey knight5 star

Entertaining, good characters, page turner55


Frost born:The Gray Knight4 star

Fast past action in a marvelous world full of intriguing characters,it can’t be put down till you’ve read to the end.45

Darth Nerf Herder

Good story.. not original3 star

This was a very good story and is a great first installment of what could turn out to be a great series but it feels unoriginal. It reminds me too much of Lord of the Rings. Which isn’t a horrible thing, but it’s hard to be entranced by a story you’ve heard a thousand times.35

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