Shrouded Kingdom

Shrouded Kingdom Summary

Once a human, now a fae princess, destined to be queen.

Layanna Fairling has never belonged to her village, and yet, when it's threatened by a tyrant who wants her dead, she knows she has to protect it.

Three mysterious strangers who claim Layanna is a changeling and future ruler of the Seelie Court arrive to aid her. They also claim that the only way of saving her village is by overthrowing the Unseelie tyrant who inherited the throne from his evil father when he slew her real parents, the Fae King and Queen of Althea.

The tyrant's greed and violence threaten to tear apart the kingdom she never knew existed, leaving Layanna with a simple choice. Overthrow the handsome and powerful tyrant, or lose everyone and everything she loves.

Book Reviews

-Basil Reviews-

Good start, but couldn’t keep my attention2 star

My other more conclusive review was accidentally deleted so I’ll abridge this one. I was mildly interested at the beginning, but it lost my attention when the plot became very generic and rushed. I ended up not finishing it and deleting it from my phone. The lack of character depth had the cast rushing around after being convinced to change their lives after three minutes of talking. My suggestion to the writer is to get a large group of beta readers to proof read and provide honest feedback. Thank you for your time writing this, author. It’s hard to publish a book. You have my respect.25


Amazing!!5 star

I was so hooked on this, I finished it in one day. I recommend reading this book. :)55

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