Club Shadowlands: Masters of the Shadowlands 1

Club Shadowlands: Masters of the Shadowlands 1 Summary

One dark ‘n’ stormy night. One short curvy accountant. One very exclusive club.

Jessica can’t believe her luck. After her car slides into a water-filled ditch, she asks to shelter in an isolated mansion only to learns it’s a private bondage club. Given the choice, she decides to enter. She hadn’t realized when signing the “Rules of the Shadowlands” that she’d get much more than she bargained for.

Her next mistake is attracting the attention of Master Z, the intimidatingly, confident owner of the Shadowlands. The most powerful dominant in the club, Master Z can have anyone he wants—and he wants Jessica.

It’s time to enter the darkly seductive world of the Shadowlands…

This is not just the best in its genre, I think it might be put in my ultimate favorite category. The only problem in reading a book this great is that you tend to use it to gauge everything else you read. I may not be able to give out a top rating again for awhile. ~ Guilty Indulgence

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Good but too short4 star

Excellent book. Loved the characters. Only gave it 4 stars because I felt that the book needed another 100 pages to finish. It has a HEA ending, but it still leaves you with an abrupt unfinished end.45

UrrrrP !

Club Shadowlands5 star

There is an person on Wattpad who is copying your stories, but giving the characters names of kpop idols, yet she kept your descriptions. It is ridiculous that all these Korean idols are huge, have red hair, hairy chests, etc.She also set it in Korea, yet kept the name of the Florida city and landmarks you used. She has made a mess of your awesome story and characters in her laziness. The title is Club Bangtan, and has it under 10 parts of the series. Her author name is, MinSugaBabyBoo. She has made a mess of your beautiful work. I hope you confront her. I dislike thieves who prey off of others work.55

dontforgetyour glasses

Club Shadowlands: Masters of the Shadowlands 1 by Cherise Sinclair4 star

Writing was good ,Story was enjoyable,Personalities likable,and no sexual violence. Which I really appreciate, I don’t find violence sexy.45


Well...3 star

Would have liked if the story was spread out over more time. But, the intimacy was hot. 🔥🔥35


Okay...3 star

I liked the book enough. It ended quickly and seemed to go slowly.35


Oh. My. God.5 star

I have never related to a character as I have with Jennifer! Innocent, sweet, terrified to try new things. I dream about finding a man like Master Z! God, I wish there were movies made after the series! I’d buy them! DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!!55


From hate to love!5 star

At first, I thought it was odd & boring, & went as far as removing it from my reading list. But I returned to it a couple days later & absolutely, positive fell in love with the story & message. Great read!55


Club Shadowlands5 star

WOW! Talk about a book u can't put down! Awesome❣️55

Mojo kitten

Awesome book!5 star

Awesome book and a great series!55

Kandice Batts

Great book5 star

Couldn't put this one down, finished it in a day & a half!55

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