Discovering the Dominant - Book One

Discovering the Dominant - Book One Summary

This is the first book in the Discovering The Dominant Series written in Lucia Jordan’s signature style that will have you begging for more. So hot you won’t be able to put it down!

Seven years ago, Michael Hallmore became the first guy to ever ask Katie out, though he also became the first guy to ever stand her up, leaving her humiliated. These days, Michael is known as one of most eligible bachelors in the world, and the multibillionaire tycoon has a history of being cold, difficult to please, and unreasonably controlling. Katie has always kept a special rotten place in her heart for this man, yet now she’s expected to not only see him, but to talk to him like he’s her boss. She knows it’s a death sentence. 

Michael knows something isn’t right the moment he lays eyes on the young interior designer entering his office. There isn’t a fleck of apprehension or submission in the eyes of this beauty, with her short, dark hair and gorgeous legs. But will Michael be able to put his dominant nature aside while working with Katie?  Will Katie’s resolve only feed his burning desire to have her bound to his bed, submitting to him? Will Katie still feel the same uncontrollable desire for him she felt when they first met? 

And what will happen when Katie learns the truth behind this man she can’t help but be devastatingly drawn to?

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Not what I expected3 star

When I finally found the time to read this erotic but scary tale, it wasn’t what I expected. Sure it had some steamy details of a dominant Michael and his new submissive Katie but I didn’t like to read the descriptions of metal chains which was quite frightening. Still debating whether or not if I should buy volumes 2-4? I guess the whole dominant/submissive thing isn’t for me to continue to read no matter how hot the storyline was.35


Discovering the Dominant4 star

The first book in this series leaves one with a sense of mystery and anticipation. It’s very intense, but worth the read.45

love books 757

Discovering the Dominate iBooks5 star

by Lucia Jordan Can’t wait to see how this turns out!55

TM Harvey

Discovering the Dominant by Lucia Jordan4 star

I like this author’s writing style and this book is so exciting to read. Looking forward to completing the rest of the books.45


Discovering the dominant by Lucia Jordan 5 star

I absolutely loved this first book and can't wait to see what happens next I couldn't put it down55


Discovering the Dominant5 star

Wow!!! What a great and scary fantasy, we would think they would meet this type of man. This is one book I couldn't stop reading and can't wait to read the rest.55


Amazingly captivating!!!5 star

I've never been disappointed with Lucia Jordan, and she proves herself again with this book. I'm eager to finish the series55


Discovering The Dominant5 star

This book moves along at a very nice pace. Well written and leaving you wanting more! Can't wait to read the rest!55


Discovering the dominant5 star

Hot !! I loved the characters and their chemistry! Couldn't put it down.55


Hot!!5 star

Discovering the Dominant is a hot read. The story of Katie and Michael starts with her being angry with him for something that happened seven years prior. When she is assigned to be his interior designer for one of his properties he decides to make his submissive. Their story goes from a common boy meets girl to a hot sexual one. Can't wait to read the rest of the series.55

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