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These letters are often all that get me through week to week. Even if it’s just random stuff, nothing important, they’re important to me. Gramps is great, and I love working on the ranch. But…I’m lonely. I feel disconnected, like I’m no one, like I don’t belong anywhere. Like I’m just here until something else happens. I don’t even know what I want with my future. But your letters, they make me feel connected to something, to someone. I had a crush on you, when we first met. I thought you were beautiful. So beautiful. It was hard to think of anything else. Then camp ended and we never got together, and now all I have of you is these letters. Shit. I just told you I have a crush on you. HAD. Had a crush. Not sure what is anymore. A letter-crush? A literary love? That’s stupid. Sorry. I just have this rule with myself that I never throw away what I write and I always send it, so hopefully this doesn’t weird you out too much. I had a dream about you too. Same kind of thing. Us, in the darkness, together. Just us. And it was like you said, a memory turned into a dream, but a memory of something that’s never happened, but in the dream it felt so real, and it was more, I don’t even know, more RIGHT than anything I’ve ever felt, in life or in dreams. I wonder what it means that we both had the same dream about each other. Maybe nothing, maybe everything. You tell me.


~ ~ ~ ~


We’re pen pals. Maybe that’s all we’ll ever be. I don’t know. If we met IRL (in real life, in case you’re not familiar with the term) what would happen? And just FYI, the term you used, a literary love? It was beautiful. So beautiful. That term means something, between us now. We are literary loves. Lovers? I do love you, in some strange way. Knowing about you, in these letters, knowing your hurt and your joys, it means something so important to me, that I just can’t describe.  I need your art, and your letters, and your literary love. If we never have anything else between us, I need this. I do. Maybe this letter will only complicate things, but like you I have a rule that I never erase or throw away what I’ve written and I always send it, no matter what I write in the letter. 

Your literary love,


Book Reviews


Wow...5 star

I will say I honestly wasn’t expecting much when I got this book. That being said, this book blew me away. It is so well-written. How the author so perfectly conveyed how their relationship grew and evolved over time... Beautiful. This book is beautiful. No other word for it. I highly recommend this book. But only when you have the time to devote to it because you won’t be able to put it down. Also, grab a box of tissues.55


Don’t waste your time1 star

Spoiler alert.... Seriously? 5 years of writing letters and then finally they get together and then it ends with Ever in a coma and she lost a baby? The next 2 books are $5.99 each ridiculous. Especially for Cade to just sleep with her twin to get a baby and Ever forgives him for it? No just no. It’s really too bad because the author has very powerful writing and pulling emotions from the reader so you can feel what the characters are going through but seriously? It’s one tragedy after another.15


Forever and Always In Love5 star

This book deserves a movie!! I’m pretty sure I would bawl through the climax just as much as I did while reading it!!55


Phenomenal5 star

I loved the characters and I loved how the story drew me in. The story was very believable and realistic, tugging at my heart strings.55


Finished the series5 star

I just finished all three books of this series. My take is: wow, oh my gosh, sadness, cried, hate, betrayal, and then awesome. I couldn't put my iPad, iPhone, down! This series was so intense, I cried, I was in shock, and then pleased. If you are a "hopeless romantic", you will love this series. The author did a great job keeping you wondering what was going to happen next. Now it's time for another one. Great job, Jasinda!55


Tearjerker!!!5 star

This was a beautiful love story. I kept hoping that Caden and Ever would get together earlier in the book. I'm glad the author took time to tell each of their stories. It made the reunion that much more meaningful. I cried as I read through the ending but can't wait to read the second novel!!!55


Okay at first....5 star

Towards the middle it God addicting. Finished this book in one day! Loved it!55


Sweetlaura5 star

Loved it!! Ready to start number two:)55


Cute4 star

I absolutely loved that the book was all about the letters they sent to each other yet also shared more about them. Had a lot of tragedy but overall was a cute story. Definitely a series to keep reading.45


Ashley bellis5 star

I am so amazed how this book make me cry so much that I can't stop it I am crying out of tear right now55

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