Give Me Yesterday

Give Me Yesterday Summary

High powered divorce lawyer, Victoria Larkin, is known as the ice queen. Tough. Emotionless. What they don't know, is that ten years ago, she lost everything. Including her hope for the future.

Chase Monroe struggles with his own demons. Devastated by guilt and on a mission to correct his past, he uses his skills as a college psychology professor to help others move beyond their grief. 

When Victoria is forced to attend grief counselling, she meets Chase, and there is an instant attraction. Chase is determined to help her confront her past and find happiness. Victoria is afraid to relive her pain.

Just as they begin to step forward, tragedy strikes and throws them backwards, and they find themselves, once again, shackled to the past. 

Can Chase and Victoria find the path to a happy future together? Or will they forever be wishing for yesterday? 

**Recommended 18+ due to language and sexual content.

Book Reviews


Absolutely beautiful!!5 star

This is my first book review. Absolutely beautiful story! It was heart wrenching with all the feels. I have never cried so hard! There was a twist that I did not see coming and was stunned. ❤️55


What an incredible book5 star

Heart wrenching story about loss and the power of love and forgiveness. I laughed, I cried and then I loved the ending.55


Amazing!5 star

I hardly ever write reviews for books, I had to write one for this book. I read “Erased” by these authors first, and was simply blown away by the book. I immediately searched for other books by this duo. This book was so heart wrenching and perfect, I loved it and am so sad it is over. The twist I would’ve never been able to predict, I believe I gasped and said “no” a million times once I realized what was going on. I highly, HIGHLY, recommend this book... you won’t be disappointed55


Emotional Read!5 star

Victoria Larkin is a fierce and highly respected divorce attorney who is known as the Ice Queen. Her loss of her beloved husband and toddler daughter on the day of her high school graduation has kept her in grief over 10 years as she focused solely on her studies and career. She has a meltdown during a client conference and is forced to attend a grief support group for a number of months or lose her partnership in the law firm. Grief counseling for this grief-stricken woman is long overdue. Then we meet college professor Chase Monroe who leads the grief support group and is still suffering from his own private grief. But Chase is the man that decides to call her Tori and help her to learn to enjoy simple pleasures in life again. As he forces her out in the public and they get to know each other, Tori begins to open up and release some of her grief. The authors brought me to tears time and again as I learned the stories behind these two beautiful people. They kept me and Tori worrying about Chase's hidden story until it finally came out. What a tragedy their stories were and how sensitively we came to learn and care about what happened to these two people. This is definitely a five star read from this writing duo!55


Loved!4 star

Loved loved loved this book! It's steam and heartfelt but sad and will tug at your heartstrings. Don't let this one pass you by!45

Becca Reads A Lot

Four "Angels Dancing" Stars4 star

Tori and Chase were a joy to read about which probably sounds odd given that the running theme of the story is about grief and overcoming pain. This was my first experience with K. Webster and my third with Elle Christensen. My chest ached for both characters as they grew throughout the story. It was an enjoyable story of complex emotions. It was sweet, therapeutic, and shockingly, remarkably high on the steam. Four "Angels Dancing" Stars45


A must read5 star

This book is AMAZING!!!!! It is definitely an ugly cry book that will leave you wondering what you have gotten yourself into at the very beginning, but you will not be able to put it down at all!! I love the way that even though it is written by two Authors, you would never know it. I love both of these Author's and all the books they have written individually but there is something magic when they come together and write their books. When we first meet Victoria, she is a young lady in love with her long time friend and still in high school. When she gets pregnant, they know that they are going to do everything they can to bring this little one in the world and provide for it in every way possible. They have the support of both of their parents which makes it easier for them to go about being teen parents. When they both get accepted to college, their parents throw them a party and that leads to a day that Victoria would love to pretend never happened. This day will change her life forever. Victoria eventually continues her life and ends up being a divorce lawyer with an ice shield, therefor known as the ice princess. Chase is a young man that has made a great living for himself being a college psychology professor. Chase is like Victoria in that he could care less to meet someone and has no interest in looking at all. When Victoria is ordered to take a counseling course in order to keep her job due to an outburst, she meets Chase and from the very beginning, there is something between the two despite how much they try to ignore and deny it. Little do Chase and Victoria realize how much they have in common on how they have ghosts from their past that haunt them. I do not want to give anything away in this awesome story because you need to read it for yourself. This story will give you all the feels and take you on an emotional roller coaster ride that will throw you for the biggest loop of all time. I was so mad at both Elle and K Webster for the majority of the book and then they redeemed themselves toward the end. My mouth was left hanging open more than once in this story as I read it. I love when you guys come together and give us readers such a great story to read!!! My only question is, when is the next one???? LOL55


Amazing! Emotional in the best way!5 star

This book! I cannot leave a review that will do it justice! It will rip your heart out and then put it back stronger and full of love. Chase and Tori are both broken in their own way. They are drowning in grief and as we take the journey with them, it's easy to see that they have the power to heal each other. There are moments of fun and laughter. Sexy moments that burn right through the pages. And times where you will feel the pain in the words so acutely, it will make you breathless. This is a beautiful story, written by a dynamite duo. You won't regret reading it!55

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