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Life leads you away...

Adam Stark loves two things-- his art and his family. Years of hard work and single-minded pursuit have set Stark Ink well on its way to becoming the most prestigious tattoo parlor in Rapid City. His success has been hard won, but it came with a hefty price tag.

Blood brings you back...

Tragedy strikes and leaves Adam reeling in its wake. His mother's last request seems simple enough: Keep the family together. But Adam's been gone way too long, and this isn't the family he remembers leaving behind. Old wounds have never healed, and dark secrets churn just below the surface. No matter how hard Adam tries, the deceptively easy task of saving the Starks just keeps getting...


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Harder3 star

I liked a lot of her other books but this one fell short for me. Story is pretty good. I think the book just focuses on Adam’s family and their conflicts. You don’t even meet Abby until halfway through the book. The writing was weird too. It goes from Adam’s thoughts to like a third person point of view. I liked the book more towards the end but the ending can’t make up for the other stuff.35


Harder5 star

It was a great book. The way the family came together after a loss. It was very moving.55


3.5 stars3 star

This is the first book in a spin-off of the Burnout series. We first met Adam in Easy, he is a tattoo artist who interacted with several of those characters. He loses his mother in the beginning of this book, and he struggles with that and trying to keep his family together. Calla is a high school guidance counselor who is worried about Adam’s sister, Ava. She meets Adam when he shows up for a conference about Ava. Will they find their way together or will life end their relationship before it begins? There are a few typos and a couple of places where it doesn’t seem the timeline meshes, but I did enjoy it.35

Lady Leo '79

Harder5 star

I loved it and enjoyed seeing my other fav's from Burnout! What a man to pull his family together while dealing with his own loss.55


Not what I was expecting2 star

I'm not sure why this would be in the erotic romance category at all. This book is mainly about Adam's struggle with his family after his mother dies, not meeting, dating and falling in love with a woman. There are like a total of 4 or 5 scenes with Adam and Calla throughout the whole book and no build up with their relationship. It's just "bam", they're together and in love. Three-fourths of the story is internal monologues of Adam's struggles with his father and brothers and sister. This book is completely opposite from the Burnout series. I'm back and forth on whether or not to get the next book in the series. I'm just glad this one was free. I would have been really upset to have spent money on this book for it to be about a man and his struggle to keep his family together instead of a book about romance. There is no romance whatsoever.25

jericho's girl

A Slow Read2 star

For a story about a tattooed biker, there was not much action in the first 30 pages. Gave up after chapter four. Moving on to the next tattooed biker book on my list.25

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