His For A Week: Bought

His For A Week: Bought Summary

She messed with the wrong billionaire.

I saw her. I wanted her. I bought her. BIG MISTAKE.

She was just supposed to be a plaything for a week. But I can’t keep my hands off of her, can’t stop thinking of all the things that I want to do to her. I want to devastate her.

She tries not to want it, and she’s hiding why. But it doesn’t matter. She can try and resist me. She won’t prevail.

For a sizzling hot romance with a smart, defiant heroine and a billionaire who can dominate her in all the right ways, get HIS FOR A WEEK: BOUGHT to fire up your fantasies today! Please note this is Book 1 in a 4-book serial in which the action gets hotter and hotter and hotter.

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Crazy not lazy

His For A Week1 star

Not impressed! Boring racial slurs. I read for pleasure, not biased authors!!15


Horrible representation of BDSM2 star

I’ve been in the lifestyle for a few years now, and the notion of being someone’s slave for a price is extremely sexy. It is not sexy, however, when all characters clearly do not understand that consent is key. The “sluts” (which the female character does not enjoy being referred to as) are coerced into performing acts that they are not interested in. I kept waiting for some redeemable aspect and it never came. I would not read this if you are actually into BDSM25


That really sucked!2 star

I was all for it, u kno! Then once I get n, they squish me for nothing! That is horrible!!!!! 🥰, then 🤬!!!!!25


Let down1 star

I was enjoying this book so much and thought what a wonderful way for an author to let you see a full 550+ page book to see how good they are, what a complete let down to find out this is a 5 part book series that you have to pay for if you want to finish the story, my only thought is never to read anything by this author again and to let everyone I know about this, I would have paid for future books but never if a free book is only a tease SHAME ON YOU15


Title is a catcher!3 star

The book is rather slow pace. That being said it was great with detail. I loved how the author threw in real informative information. The wording wasn’t always my taste, for example “master-bated me”. The book definitely could have been longer. It could of had more twist and turns. Something more to leave you hanging onto the cliff. Instead I’m not that interested in reading the second book. I am assuming that the second book will be better and can think of a ton of different scenarios that could take place.35


Very steamy5 star

Great read from beginning to end! Looking forward to book 2!55


Unforeseen Love5 star

I read the book twice because the first time I did not care for Jake and because of this I decided to reread the book and it was better the second time as I realized that Ben was becoming the main character in the book and Jake was only secondary. I am a great fan of Brown’s, specifically the historical, but this was a good read. Since it is a series the story is incomplete and leaves you wondering what will happen next. I would recommend this book.55


Love love love5 star

This book is a must read. I love this book can’t wait for the next book. Because the way it ended there has to be another part.55

An Eclectic Reader

His For A Week: Bought3 star

I agreed to write a review for an advanced copy of this book. Normally I thoroughly enjoy Em Brown’s writing, although most of her stories end a little too abruptly for my tastes, and in places where I think that when I turn the next page, the characters are going to take their relationship to a whole new level. However this time I struggled to stay engaged with the development of both the storyline, & the main characters’ relationship. Initially, I didn’t care for the amount of time or detail invested in the secondary characters, although I understood the purpose, nor did I care for the way the group sex was presented. Then, just as I began to think that both the storyline and the character’s relationship was deepening and coming into focus, the book ended, more abruptly than any before, and I was left feeling like I had been doused with a bucket of cold water.35


Not for me3 star

This book is good for those who like hard core BDSM where men treat woman as objects and feel it is okay to smack them, tell them exactly how to look, talk, if they are even allowed to eat. They make the “sluts” do stuff to each other even if they don’t want to. This just wasn’t for me- I was curious if the main characters but I can’t get past the other stuff to even care to find out.35

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