London Dynasty

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Experience a decadent and deliciously dirty new series from New York Times bestselling author Geneva Lee.
Kerrigan Belmond has everything I don’t have. A name that opens doors, more money than god, an Oxford education, and rumors that she’s caught the eye of Spencer Byrd, the heir to one of England’s most powerful aristocratic families. I’m an orphan, running from a tragedy I can’t face. Being mistaken for her is flattering until her father arrives at my door with an indecent proposal.
His daughter has fled her perfect life, and he wants me to step into her shoes until she can be coaxed back to her pedestal.
The arrangement is simple. For one year, I will be Kerrigan Belmond. The perfect daughter. The charming socialite. The ideal future wife. For one year, I will do anything she would do. And for one year, I will keep the attention of Spencer at all costs.
I can’t say no, but as soon as I meet Spencer and his brother I realize the mistake I’ve made. To the outside world, the Byrds are London society and Spencer is the golden boy groomed to become prime minister. Behind closed doors, his family is as twisted and tangled as the web I’m walking into.
Spencer demands loyalty. He expects discretion. And he’s ready to claim the woman he’s been promised in every way. Keeping him happy means I might lose more than a year of my life, but I can’t turn down the proposition. Not with what the Belmonds have promised me in return.
They say everyone has a price. I know mine.
Ten million pounds.

Book Reviews

Army Spouse

Oh my oh my!5 star

Definitely a dirty girl🔥💋❤️ love this story, cannot wait for the 2nd one!55


Love a good plot twist5 star

I love a good plot twist in a book. London Dynasty has a good one. I can’t wait for the next book in the trilogy. Nice job Geneva Lee. You never disappoint.55


WOOOOOOW !!!!5 star

When it comes to series I don’t usually like reviewing individual books of a series. I prefer reading them as a whole and than writing my overall honest opinion but I could not not say something about this. Already book 1 and it has my mind running wild. Legit running in circles trying to processes everything. you can sense that theirs so many secrets waiting to be uncovered. Im just here to see how destructive their about to be. I can already imagine the things yet to come and what may happen. I have a funny feeling that nothing is as it seems and there is something darker looming. This book is insane! Arranged marriage , A Women playing a role of a rich mans missing daughter who looks just like her ( don’t get me started ) An intense rivalry between brother which is creating an almost kinda love triangle ( which I hope not because right now I’m all team Spencer, and hoping it stays that way. ) But like I said my mind is all ready running wild with what’s to come. I can sense the doom and heart break already I can not wait for book 2.55


Spellbound and speechless5 star

Geneva Lee has once again done it again!!! Riveting, breathtaking, emotional and queen of cliff hangers!!!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!! I couldn’t put it down and was sad when I got to the end!!! It was too short LOL. I could’ve read FOREVER!!!! You always get sucked into her worlds and fall madly in love with her characters!!!! LOVED every minute of every page!!!55


London Dynasty5 star

Amazing. Couldn’t put it down. Sad I need to wait for the next. Take your time reading this one. Unless the second is out by the time you read the review.55


Love it5 star

Modern day dynasty ( like the hit 80s show ... yes I’m older) story and super hot brits...who wouldn’t love it? Geneva please write more stories like this 🙂. Can’t wait for next book.55


Double the fun5 star

This is a great start to a fantastic new series. Ever wondered what it would be like to walk in someone’s shoes? Would you like to live another person’s life for a limited time for a small fortune? What would you do if you discover your look a like is missing? Read London Dynasty. It’s a fantastic walk on the side.55


Great start to new series5 star

Geneva Lee does it once again with the start of a hot, new series. Kate is a struggling waitress who is not even good at waitressing. It’s a means to an end but when a tempting offer at a chance of changing her fortune falls in her lap, she takes it. Taking the place of heiress Kerrigan Belmond seems like something forbidden, rather deceptive even but their resemblance seems so striking; is it really a coincidence? While being Kerrigan’s place holder, Kate gets more than she ever bargained for. Beyond her deception, there seems to be more secrets and the deeper she gets, the more questions she has. Can’t wait to see what’s in book two. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.55


Anything for money & love?!?!5 star

*May contain thoughts that could lead to spoliers* This book is a great lead in to a saga I know I won’t be able to wait for! Kate - Kerrigan whomever she is - is fantastic. Her determination to do anything for a better life is quite crazy but what’s the worst thing that could happen.... fall in love?!?! Perhaps not with one brother but two? The secrets of the Byrd and Belmond families will come to light soon and I cannot wait to see it unfold! The love triangle is already intense but there are sides to Spencer and Holden that neither have seen of each other and only shown to - “Kerrigan” but one knows whom she truly is not. Fantastic read - the anticipation is killing me with the way the book ended - cannot wait to see what happens next! I expect quite the bomb to drop when the next book hits! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.55

Mel M 21

Love!5 star

Fantastic story! Absolutely love K, Spencer and Holden. Will the lies and deceit win or will they find their happily ever after? Can you ever truly know someone? Wow, these three put my emotions through the gauntlet.55

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