On the Edge

On the Edge Summary

A cocky Scot, an innocent pole dancer and a penthouse apartment with a view. 

What could go wrong?

To escape her difficult past Sasha jumps into an opportunity of managing the sale of the stylish,up market apartment.

All of this sounds like a dream, but no one has ever mentioned the arrogant, mouthy Scottish god that lives next door. 

The problem is that Dexter isn’t just good looking, he is also a fist-clenching, heart-pounding, fervent hot man, who makes her heart flutter uncontrollably. 

She hates his cock-sure attitude.

With the talent, of melting women’s panties off at a glance, he thinks he can have Sasha too. Well, he couldn’t be more wrong. Sasha would rather eat dirt than sleep with him. 

He vows not to fall for her, but their scorching attraction proves impossible to ignore…

Book Reviews


Good smut4 star

This book was easy to devour and had really steamy moments! I did come across a lot of typos which was difficult to look past, but once it got to the good stuff, you’re too consumed to care. Compared to other spicy books I have read, I can see how the male’s POV doesn’t seem as mature as other male characters in erotica. I think it had something to do with his language, because it reminded me of what guys think a “bad boy” type is for women. Either way, great spicy scenes!45


Couldn’t finish it1 star

This book just wasn’t for me. The characters felt forced and I skimmed over a lot of pages just to get through it but still couldn’t read it to the end.15


Amazing book5 star

Literally had me on the edge55

sandrine Engozogo

On the edge5 star

What’s a great book. Love it from the beginning, couldn’t stop myself turning the pages.55


On The Edge5 star

I loved this book. It just started from reading the sample of the book, to me buying the book and finishing it in two days. It’s so exhilarating reading the life of Sasha and Dexter and I LOVED IT!!!!!55


Okkkayyyy buttt it was good5 star

It was amazing! Jesus I read it in in 48 hours. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ it had me so hooked I couldn’t let go!55


Steamy5 star

Love it read it all in one day55


Good read.4 star

Good read few grammar errors but over all okay.45


Could be worse?3 star

I think this was written by a 15 year old boy. The plot was wack but it hooked me enough to read it in 4 days.35


No no no.2 star

Misogynistic is all I have to say.25

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