Pulse Summary

Stormy Angelus is running from her past. 
Leaving a career in L.A. behind to escape her abusive ex, she finds herself in the small and sleepy town of Cliffton, managing the local radio station. The small-town station is popular…but she’s still having trouble making ends meet. So when Stormy sees that a successful L.A. design firm, Vitaline Designs, is relocating to Cliffton, she sees an opportunity to finally secure advertising for the flailing radio station. When she shows up at the meeting, she’s stunned to realize that the representative is none other than James Rand—a man intimidating and also gorgeous as hell. Stormy feels her confidence falter. But it turns out that he not only wants her advertising, he wants Stormy as well. Both James and Stormy have secrets. Stormy is running away from her violent ex, but what is James hiding? And when Stormy discovers the secret lurking in James’s striking gray eyes, will she have the strength and courage to face it head on? 

This ebook contains very hot and explicit descriptions of romantic activity. Only mature readers should download this book.

Book Reviews

Lightskin Drop

Pulse by Lucia Jordan3 star

They seem to be moving kind of fast!!35


Great Read4 star

Cant wait to see what happens with stormy!45


Pulse by Lucia Jordan3 star

I think it started out a little slow. It gets better almost at the end of Book One. I can’t wait to find out if thing is getting hotter between James and Stormy.35


Not what I expected...3 star

So this novella caught me by surprise. It starts off with your typical sunny and upbeat heroine. She’s off to make her dreams a reality but doesn’t have the financial support needed to make this completely true. *Enter mysterious, handsome business mogul * He’s immediately intrigued and swept away by the heroine’s innocence, or maybe the lack of inexperience in the s*x department. He senses this somehow and when she gains the opportunity to meet with him and present him with an advertising proposition, things get steamy...and fast! This, is what I wasn’t expecting. The way it happened, the timing, and especially the specific attention given to “detail”... yeah, it makes for quite an interesting sequel; which I must say I am curious to know. And to be perfectly honest, after that final scene toward the end, who wouldn’t be?35


Slow...4 star

A slow build up but such a steamy suspenseful ending45


Different than expected5 star

I’ve read many of Lucia Jordan’s books before, but I have to say that, so far, book one of the Pulse series has been my favorite. The main characters backstories seem so much more relatable and genuine that I can’t wait to keep reading!55


Pulse by Lucia Jordan4 star

I thought the relationship moved a bit too fast but I still couldn’t put the book down. I hope Stormy overcome her fears and be truly happy.45

Darla Ricker

Pulse5 star

This book reminds me a lot of 50 shades of grey another series that I thoroughly enjoyed55


Leaves you wanting more4 star

Their relationship is so static and the ending left me on edge and wanting to read more45


Pulse book 14 star

Pulse makes my pulse race a little faster. I need a handsome millionaire to come to town and take control of me like that. Can’t wait to read the rest of the books.45

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