Savage Summary

Farrell Black is dirty, dangerous, and holds nothing sacred. 

Growing up on the mean streets of London, he clawed his way to the top of a criminal empire with nothing but sheer force of will and the determination to need no one. 


Then he met Jenna Carver, and all bets were off — until the day she walked out of his life without a backward glance. 

Leaving him was the hardest thing she’d ever done. 

As a kid, Jenna knew how people looked at her. Like she was stupid. Worthless. Poor. So she spent her life working to become someone else. Then she met Farrell Black, and their all-consuming passion blew a hole in everything she thought she knew about herself. 

Until she was forced to make a terrible choice. 

Now Jenna is back in London for her father's funeral, desperate to avoid the one man who can banish her hard-earned reason in favor of red-hot ecstasy. But when her father’s death is tied to an abuse of power at the highest levels, she has no choice but to ask Farrell for help. 

As they work together to find answers to a puzzle that could have dangerous implications, desire threatens to undo them both — and forces Jenna to choose between keeping the secret of a lifetime and having the one man who can command her body and soul.

Book Reviews


Good book5 star

Took me a few pages to realize I had previously complete this series. Good book and a wonderful author.55

Mari Shae

Savage5 star

Great read!55


Mob boss series5 star

Love this series ! Hope there is more coming. Couldn't put the books down .55


Ugh!3 star

I could only give it 3 because NOTHING is resolved. It's an amazing story very well written but, Jenna and Farrell's relationship hangs, the death of her father hangs, it just ends with all these unresolved issues. I hate that! Be warned if you get it you'll have to get the next if you want to know what happens.35


Great book5 star

On the third book now and looking to read more from this artist :)55


Farrell vs. Miss Doubtfire3 star

In other words Farrell is the star not Jenna who is to weak for him. You needed a heroine to match Farrell. There is no chemistry between them ergo the numerous sex scenes become tedious! 1 story = 1 book. These are not sequels.35


Great read!4 star

Great story, great writing! Not usually a fan of stories that take 3 books to find out the ending.... Luckily all 3 books are out now😊!45

jericho's girl

3 books?!2 star

How many times can the girl leave the guy? Sheesh, Jenna, enough already! I'm good with reading a series - if the story truly supports the length and breadth of the "cliffhangers". This should have had an "HEA" at the end rather than an "HFN". As hot as Farrell Black is, and as cute as Lily is, I just can't stand more of Jenna. THE END.25


Loved this book!5 star

Great book can not wait for Primal!55

Diana Co.

Love love love5 star

Okay, I was a bit hesitant to read this because you don't find out much about Farrell in the mob boss series (nico's book). But then you read about him in Luca's book but you're so distracted by what's going on that you miss him. Well I absolutely love this book. This is by far my favorite book of the whole series including Nico's and Luca's. You're writing style has me getting to know the characters and it keeps getting better and better. But I digress. Farrell Black met Jenna at a bar an was completely taken to her. He started off at the bottom of the "mob" but now he's the leader of the London portion. Jenna was happy with him, she didn't have a very happy childhood or stable one. She ends up pregnant and is afraid the child will not have the security she needs with Farrell since he's involved in mob business. She leaves him without him knowing she's pregnant and moves to New York. Fast forward five years and she's back in London to bury her father. She can't avoid Farrell especially when she seeks his help to uncover her dad's death. Overall, I loved the storyline, I even liked the ending and can't wait for the other books. I liked this book better than the previous ones. And after hearing he's supposed to look like Tom hardy only taller! Ahhh my man! *A copy of this book was given to me, in return for an honest review.55

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