Untouchable Summary

This is the first book in the ‘Untouchable’ Series, a passionate and evocative romance by Alexis Blake.

Mary Margaret finds that there are a lot of things yet to be determined about her life, but her life is in limbo in more ways than one when she returns to her hometown. Her career as a dancer has taken her to great places, and most of her dreams have come true, but there is still one that lingers. Memories of boy next door continue to rotate in her mind, but it just so happens he may be back in town too. 

Following his father’s passing, Ryan has returned to his childhood house in order to finally make it a place he can call home. Mary’s boy next door has turned into a maddeningly handsome man, who seems to have also developed a dominant disposition in the bedroom. 

After nearly ten years apart, they find themselves rediscovering a relationship that they both thought was left in the past, but now with a dangerous new edge. But will Mary Margaret allow herself to fall into the arms of a man who has broken her heart before? And will she ever learn the truth about why he left in the first place? 

This ebook contains very hot and explicit descriptions of romantic activity. Only mature readers should download this book.

Book Reviews


“Untouchable” by Alexis Blake5 star

Really like this authors perspective and values putting emphasis where it’s good and belongs on a couple in love and forever pure from their “FIRST” and on to forever.55


KaCee5 star

So hot55


Rekindling love !5 star

I loved this book ! I love when books has characters that rekindle their old flames ! Great!55


Untouchable5 star

OMG-I have enjoyed this book and can't wait to read the series. The characters are enjoyable to read about and what has happened in the past to bring them to where they are at this moment. Eagerly waiting for more.55

Untamed!!! :))

Untouchable 😉4 star

She has do it again!!!...luv how we see both of their perspectives...can't wait to see what happens next :))45


Untouchable5 star

It seems so real. I could not put it down55


Loved "Untouchable"!5 star

Loved it -- captured my attention right from the start. I'm excited to read the rest of the series.55


Untouchable5 star

OMG I want to no what happened with the sex it was getting good the fact that they are old lovers from high school is great I love it this book part one is sssssoooooo great what do you do with your high sweetheart secret life style a must read55


Untouchable4 star

It's hot and has a good storyline.45


Untouchable4 star

Hot and intense right away! I can't wait to read more.45

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