A Handyman's Diary

A Handyman's Diary Summary

Women love Hugh Johnson!
Perhaps it's because of his many special skills, or maybe because he's clearly a winner in the genetic lottery. No matter what their particular reason, all the sexy ladies love to see Hugh Johnson coming!

Some quotes from satisfied readers:

A beautiful story.....I absolutely loved it....thank you....it made me very wet - Lola C.

My sheets are soaked from reading your latest book! Thank you, thank you!!! Chloe C.

You have given me multiple orgasms as I read your Handyman's Diary over and over again! Amelia E.

I don't know if you have a terrific imagination or if you're writing from experience. Either way, you make me so damn hot!! Tessa F.

Your stories are so erotic that I can't help but think about them all the time. Linda G.

Yikes ! Your writing makes me VERY horny ! Jade W.

Your writing intrigues me to no end. Now I have some serious fantasizing to do!!! Lucy L.

What a wonderful book to read late at night! Francesca A.

I'm speechless! Rarely am I moved by erotic prose, but I must confess that your Handyman book has put me on edge. Liz V.

Entrancing!!! You cast a spell that draws the reader deeper and deeper into the story until they are intimately involved. SO exciting! Suki H.

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