Broken Summary

Anna is a freshly divorced poet of moderate success. But thanks to her ex, she’s facing a huge stack of bills, and she’s in over her head. She needs a job. The only offer she’s gotten is to teach a poetry class over the summer. It won’t earn her much money, and when she arrives for the first class, she learns that her students are mostly older people looking for something to do. But when Anthony— a strong, sexy man with dark hair and captivating eyes—walks into the classroom, she feels an instant connection to him. His relaxed manner and genuine honesty put her at ease, but the intensity lurking underneath is what really draws her in. She knows it’s too soon after her divorce, and she knows she should get her life in order before she plunges herself into another relationship—but with a man like Anthony, she’s finding it his fiery passion very hard to resist. 

This ebook contains very hot and explicit descriptions of romantic activity. Only mature readers should download this book.

Book Reviews


KaCee5 star

WOW great intro55


Broken, Lucia Jordan, iBooks3 star

Another great short read by Lucia..makes the anxiety and anticipation of what Anthony can and will do is too much! Can't wait for the complete series...35

Lightskin Drop

Broken by Lucia Jordan3 star

Great start! Hope she gives Anthony a Chance!35


Oh my4 star

Will the broken be fixed? Excited to read the rest of the story.45


Definitely Need Every Book5 star

I loved the book. After the last sentence I was l like omg I need more . Absolutely loved55

by SteffD

Broken4 star

The passion between Anna and Anthony has just begun. Their intimacy was a little tame, but I am looking forward to seeing how their relationship develops with more heat.45


In Love!5 star

Lucia Jordan is my FAVORITE romance author. This book is one of best books by her, it has more emotion & it's only the first book! A must read, you won't regret it. ❤️55


Broken5 star

Felt like I didn't get to know much about Anthony. He seems like a good guy. Wonder if he will be what Anna needs after her divorce. Curious if Joan knows about Anthony's sexual dominance and if she thinks Anna will be a good fit.55


Broken5 star

This book was such a page turner!!! I need more!!!!!! This is a must read, we've all been in a relationship that's broken us55


Wow5 star

Love Lucia Jordan what a great read!!!55

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