Dirty Zero

Dirty Zero Summary

On the outside Wyatt is shy and geeky Inside Wyatt’s a bit freaky and likes it kinky. Brian’s nice, charming, and hot as hell That stud makes Wyatt’s dick Swell An invite to a costume party Wyatt can’t refuse Was there actually a party or is it just a ruse Wyatt gets a shock when he isn’t allowed to leave The night is full of surprises that he can’t believe If he makes it through the night Things might turn out all right ~~~ Warning: This book contains stuff some readers might find offensive, such as: Light bondage Kidnapping (sort of) Pet rock neglect (unfortunate but it happens) Sex toys Anal Sex Oral Sex Role playing An adorable nerd

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Dirty Zero5 star

Hot M/M short about two office workers who are attracted to each other. Good character development brings us to a sex fantasy that is hot and believable. For 75 pages, a great start to an emotionally interesting relationship. Great work! Fun read!55

rocky river gay (OH!!!)

Comic book fantasy4 star

Clever story about a comic book nerd and his fantasy man. Characters were not fully drawn, but the erotic fantasy is a steamy read from the first pages in a break room at work.45

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