The Darling

The Darling Summary

She's everything he wants. The only problem is she's his best friend.

They call me The Darling of the NHL because I'm the best player in the whole NHL.

What they don't know is that I'm not really the midwestern American everyone makes me out to be.

I fantasize about my best friend.

I haven't see her in years but I bring her to bed with me every night in my dreams.

It's the perfect way to get through the long off-season.

Until, one night, she's at my door, soaking wet, sliding off her dress in front of me.

She wants me to watch.

And then, she's in my lap, my hand on her heat, ready to finally feel her-

When my best friend Jason walks in. And she doesn't send him away.

I don't like to share but it's not like the Darling of the NHL can go public with his best friend, even if we aren't neighbors anymore.

I want her in any way I can get her. And eventually, I'll have her all to myself.

This sports romance features steamy MFM scenes in almost every chapter. Do not read if you want to stay cool and dry. HEA guaranteed!

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