Vegas Summary

When Abby Raines moved to Rapid City, South Dakota she was gambling for a chance to live out her dreams. She hit the jackpot and now has the swankiest hotel and the hottest boyfriend in the state, but she's still not completely satisfied. She's doubling down on a future with the only man who makes her weak in the knees (when she's not kneeling on them), the only man she'd ever call 'Sir.'

Warning: light on kink, heavy on D/s, M/F, F/F, F/M/F, group sex, voyerism. If you liked "Tex (Burnout 2) you'll like "Vegas (Burnout 4.5)". If you did not like "Tex," "Vegas" is just more of the same.

"Vegas" is a standalone story and does not need to be read in order to enjoy the rest of the series.

Book Reviews


Vegas3 star

Basic bdsm. Book was very short though so you didn’t get much story because of all the sexplay in it. Was more porn then book.35


Can't get enough!!5 star

I loved the Burnout series and am deeply saddened that it's over. Please say you'll consider writing sequels to each couples stories that reflect where they are now.55


Awesome book!!!5 star

Second favorite only to Slick!! A must read. Love their story!55


Vegas4 star

So beautiful! I loved Mark and Abby in Tex! This is a wonderful beginning! To an already amazing relationship! Again not for the faint hearted! But for the ones who are not afraid of their truth! Thank you Ms. West for a lovely ending to a courageous couple who is comfortable living their truth. Love it!45


Vegas5 star

Really enjoyed this whole series & this was a great ending!55

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