Have Laptop Will Travel

Have Laptop Will Travel Summary

If you’re dreaming of extensive travel without an end in sight, then this book is for you. Prominent Palm Beach entrepreneur and man-about-town Philip Nicozisis becomes a "digital nomad" for a year-long odyssey that takes him to 12 cities on four continents. Keeping his real estate business thriving from his laptop and smartphone, Phil joins 48 adventurers through a company called Remote Year. The traveling family (aka “tramily”) is in for a year of life-changing and eye-opening cultural experiences from across the globe. With an open mind, yet holding strong to his American values, this intrepid traveler learns to love each city—Imperfections and all--as a resident, not a tourist, and makes the most of the opportunity to spread his passion for veganism around the globe. 

Phil's worldview about what these cities are "really like" will make you laugh a lot, cringe a little, and think more deeply about humanity, politics, history, economics, nutrition, and daily life around the world ... and, who knows, maybe you'll even go vegan!

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