"How To Write A Bestseller/ Blockbuster" -and try to inspire the world

"How To Write A Bestseller/ Blockbuster" -and try to inspire the world Summary

J.M. Barclay went from near death to a small time Amazon Bestseller and is simply sharing everything he knows about the process of writing inspiring for FREE in the hopes of more writers being better able to inspire countless others while we still have a society to inspire.

From now on, when people ask what you do for a living don't just say, “I'm a writer”. Tell them the truth, that it's your job to keep people dreaming, including yourself ;)

What does it take to become a bestseller? A desire to make a positive difference and commitment to bettering yourself. I you truly do not care about others and only want to write empty stories I cannot help you. A person must suffer a lot of pain in order to stop caring and for that you have my compassion. I pray you read forth anyway with the hope you may become a little more inspired yourself. ;)

You'll notice my style resides on starting with the fundamentals and building upon that. This may take some getting used to but if you think about it, it's the only way one should do anything.

I this book you'll find my own comprehensive process towards the art of story craft built upon the 'Save the Cat' and 'Heroes Journey' models. You'll also find Jems of data for self-help, documentaries, audio books and, of course, marketing

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