Calabria - Vibo Valentia

Calabria - Vibo Valentia Summary

Vibo Valentia is the provincial capital city, which enjoys a geographical position of extraordinary attractive value with its port with a tourist and commercial vocation among the best equipped between Salerno and Reggio Calabria, with a harbor master's office which is among the largest in Italy; a city that has a rich ancient history, important memories, first of all needs to work on its vocations to grow and develop in harmony with the new social reality. For the landscape beauties and historical testimonies, Vibo Valentia is undoubtedly a city dedicated to tourism: cultural, archaeological, religious tourism that becomes a primary resource for our territory. The historic center of Vibo Valentia is a rich mix of churches, monuments and medieval, baroque and nineteenth-century buildings where it is difficult to distinguish where one era ends and where another begins and this is probably the characteristic in which its charm resides. In this perspective, the web-guide financed by the Calabria Region with POR funds 2007-2013, represents a modern and fast tool for getting historical-artistic-environmental news of our province that offers tourists the most beautiful coast of the region, a hill with landscapes breathtaking, a mountain that can offer tourists itineraries immersed in centuries-old woods, places of worship and ancient memories. An ideal place for a stay dedicated to art, culture and nature and taste. Maria Limardo (Sindaco)

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