My Travels to Iceland

My Travels to Iceland Summary

My trip to Iceland in the Fall of 2009 left a great impression on me. The beauty of the land, people and culture, captivated my attention during and after the trip. This ebook is an effort to convey this experience through beautiful photography, interactive maps and high definition videos from a group of talented cinematographers.
Most of us who come from a mild countryside cannot comprehend a place like Iceland. More like a place of mythology, Iceland is geologically young and vibrant, and with diverse landscapes. With its active volcanoes, geysers, and glaciers, you begin to realize this place did not just happen millions of years ago - it is happening now.
I hope this book brings you closer to the visual splendor this country has to offer.

Book Reviews


The Future of Travel Guides, Memoires4 star

This emerging means of sharing words, photos and video with a broad audience is changing the way people can share their adventures. This is certainly not a travel guide and I found it unfortunate that there were not more details about the places in the images, but it served to make me start planning a trip to Iceland and learn more about iBooks Author. The thoughts of the writer and his photos are nicely integrated with some fantastic video from Vimeo. I love the potential of this type of self-publishing.45


Great images!5 star

Great images and a wonderful virtual tour through the landscape of Iceland. Makes me want to go even more!55


First Rate!5 star

Very well laid out and spectactular imagery! This is what iBooks was made for! Great Job!55


Stunning Images5 star

Going on a trip and capturing images that are "awesome" isn't as simple as going on trip and pulling out the camera and shooting. It takes "time" and an "Eye" and an understanding of the "light" Dennys nailed all 3!55

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