Revolution and Counter-Revolution

Revolution and Counter-Revolution Summary

Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Germany is a book by Friedrich Engels, with contributions by Karl Marx. Originally a series of articles in the New York Daily Tribune published from 1851 to 1852 under Marx's byline, the material was first published in book form under the editorship of Eleanor Marx Aveling in 1896. It was not until 1913 that Engel's authorship was publicly known although some new editions continued to appear incorrectly listing Marx as the author as late as 1971.

Book Reviews

Azriel Rose

Mostly Historical Analysis5 star

If the title leads you to believe this book is about revolution IN GENERAL, be warned that it is an analytical examination of the revolutionary period in Germany during a specific time, detailing the doings of all the political parties that were involved, and how those doings affected the historical course of events. As usual, Marx demonstrates his points in this analysis with a mastery of dialectical thought.55


Wrong Author1 star

This book was written by Friedrich Engels, not Karl Marx.15

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